GTI-PCR Reader-G

PCR can be used to measure the quantity of DNA or RNA in a clinical sample. The quantitative PCR (Q-PCR) is very useful in diagnosis and monitoring response to treatment in infectious or malignant diseases. Q-PCR is mostly done by real time monitoring of amplification requiring expensive equipment. GTI-PCR Reader-G provides a cheap solution to Q-PCR by measuring the end point fluorescence after doing PCR in an ordinary thermal cycler by fluorescent labeled probes. GTI PCR Reader-G is designed to read the green endpoint fluorescence (512 nm) in a PCR reaction vial with volume as low as 12ul. The fluorescence is measured through data acquisition software installed on a computer. Known positives and negatives can be used to obtain accurate quantitative PCR results.

  • End point qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis of FAM and SYBR green labeled PCR products
  • 0.2 ml PCR tube format
  • Sample volume 12-30 ┬Ál
  • Reads about 10 samples per minute
  • User friendly software for data acquisition, analysis and reporting
  • Linear correlation between GTI-Green PCR Reader and real time PCR for 100 copies/ml to 300,000 copies/ml (r=0.998)
  • Wide range of applications in PCR of infectious diseases and malignancies for example HCV, HBV, Dengue, TB, Malaria, Leukemia, Lymphomas etc.