PCR for Malignancies

The molecular genetics of cancer is typically marked by mutation(s) in the oncogenes, tumour suppressor genes or micro RNA genes. These genetic changes carry potential for diagnosis of cancer by PCR. PCR can be used to diagnose the disease, predict its prognosis or monitor the disease progress and response to treatment if a cancer specific marker is identified.

GRC offers high quality PCR for bcr-abl gene rearrangement, JAK2, Flt3 mutation and Ig gene rearrangement.

What samples and precautions may be required?

PCR for bcr-abl gene rearrangement is done after isolation of messenger RNA from the leukaemic cells. The RNA being vulnerable to enzyme digestion is easily destroyed in old or degraded samples. Therefore the sample for bcr-abl gene rearrangement or similar investigations is best collected at the testing lab.

The blood samples for identification of DNA mutations like JAK2, Ig gene rearrangement or Flt3 etc. are more stable and these can be conveniently dispatched from far off places.