GTI-Mini PAGE Tank

Electrophoresis is used for the separation of charged molecules like DNA, RNA, or proteins by an electric current applied to a gel matrix. In PCR applications it is usually done for separation and visualization of DNA after PCR. The nucleic acids have a negative charge due to the sugar phosphate backbone of the molecule. This allows movement from the negative to the positive electrode. Acrylamide gels are most suitable for separation and resolution of DNA molecules that may differ in size by only one base pair. The acrylamide gels can withstand high temperatures and hence are suitable for applications requiring high voltage. Acrylamide gels are typically run in a vertical position using discontinuous buffer compartments. GTI-Mini PAGE tank is designed for resolution of DNA fragments differing in size up to 5 base pairs.

  • 10 x 10 cm gel format for 10 samples7
  • Capacity to simultaneously run two gels
  • Gel casting assembly
  • Ideal for resolving single or multiplexed PCR products ranging from 50-1000 bases with 5bp difference